Meet our 2024 International Scholarship winners

Meet our 2024 International Scholarship winners

Congratulations to our 2024 The King's Trust Australia's Scholarship recipients who will be pursuing their passion for sustainable design, traditional architecture and human-centric urban planning by attending four incredible summer schools around the world.

Darshana Thapa and Ruby Matthews are both attending The King's Foundation Summer School at Dumfries House in Scotland. Here, they work with architects, artists and tradespeople to develop their knowledge of traditional architecture, design, building and repair techniques and how these can be applied in the 21st century.

“I’m driven by a deep appreciation for traditional buildings and the stories of people, time and place intricately woven into built fabric. I am eager to learn more about the crucial role traditional buildings have in the future of our cities,” said Darshana.

A current Master of Architecture student at The University of Sydney, Ruby is drawn to architectural styles that celebrate craftsmanship and tell stories of a place or people through their design. At The King's Foundation Summer School, Ruby is looking forward to learning from craftspeople and building on her knowledge of materiality and place-based design

Tarunpal Taak will be studying at the INTBAU Netherlands ‘Let’s Build a Beautiful City’ summer school in Utrecht. Here, he will learn how to create contemporary urban places where people feel at home by reflecting local traditions and environmentally sustainable design practices.

"By attending the Let's Build a Beautiful City summer school, I my hope to further my understanding of urban and architectural design that respects the human scale and apply the knowledge gained to my future work,” said Tarnupal. 

Ashish Singh Pundir will immerse himself in the Arcos de Valdevez Traditional Architecture Summer School 2024 in Portugal. Here, he will study local traditional urbanism, architecture and building details to preserve and create new traditional buildings for the area.

“As a young architect seeking to expand my knowledge and skills in classical architecture, I believe that a comprehensive focus on classical design, combined with exposure to traditional architecture, can help me become a more resourceful, and capable architect in contributing to the enhancement of the urban fabric of Australia."

And at the La Table Ronde del'Architecture Bruges Summer School Of Architecture & Crafts in Belgium, Nicole Pereira will discover the rigour of drawing by hand using the rules of composition. 

The King's Trust Australia scholarships run each year in association with INTBAU - stay tuned for updates from the scholarship recipients!