his majesty the king AND his charity in Australia

In 2013, the former Prince of Wales established Prince’s Charities Australia under the leadership of Tony Beddison AC and inaugural Chief Executive Janine Kirk AO.

Starting from scratch, His new charity developed a portfolio of initiatives promoting sustainable urban development, supporting Indigenous cultural heritage, health and wellbeing, advocating for rural communities to prepare for and recover from natural disasters, inspiring transitioning Australian Defence Force personnel into business, and assisting disadvantaged young people into employment.

"It is no exaggeration to say that Australia and Australians have held a very special place in my heart ever since I came to this country. It is for this reason that I am so proud of the progress that the Prince’s Charities Australia has managed to make in such a remarkably short space of time."

The former Prince of Wales said at the anniversary of the inauguration of his charity.  

Prince's Trust Australia

In 2017, the charity was renamed ‘Prince’s Trust Australia’ and in 2018 became a part of The Prince's Trust Group. The Prince's Trust Group represents His Majesty The King’s work in the UK and around the Commonwealth.

Today, under the leadership of chair the Hon Julie Bishop and Chief Executive Michelle Endacott, the charity actively helps young people, defence veterans and environmental projects.

In 2020, the former Prince of Wales recorded a message on behalf of His Prince's Trust Australia.


"My Prince’s Trust has now been working with young people for more than four decades, helping to give them the opportunities they need in order to reach their potential.

Since 1976, my Trust has now helped one million young people in the United Kingdom, offering them that classic hand up, rather than a hand out.

Recognising that young people all over the world face so many of the same challenges, I am enormously proud that my Prince’s Trust has established itself in many countries across the Commonwealth, including Australia, creating a valuable network to exchange views and best practice.

I particularly wanted my Trust to operate here because Australia has always held a very special place in my heart ever since I spent time as a teenager at Geelong Grammar School in 1966.After 53 years and an abiding affection for all Australians and their remarkable country, I am immensely proud that Prince’s Trust Australia is such a vital part of our network.

Today we can celebrate the work it’s already doing, as well as its ambitious and exciting plans to transform more lives and build more sustainable communities.

The strategy being unveiled today focuses that effort on supporting young people, veterans and their communities, so that even more Australians have the opportunities they deserve, and sustainable places in which to live and work.
My Prince’s Trust Australia aims to support young Australians into school and into employment, equipping them for today’s economy and tomorrow’s.

It aims to support defence force members and their families, giving them the skills and networks they need to turn their business dreams into business reality when they leave the armed forces.

And it aims to contribute to the building of sustainable, attractive communities right across Australia, just as it has already developed with the Prince’s Terrace Adelaide, which was the first residential project in Australia to achieve a 6 Star Green Star design rating in 2018. And now with the work that has recently started on a new development in Glebe, Sydney.

Australians face an array of challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world, including dangerously accelerating climate change, shifting demographics and emerging technologies that are transforming the nature of work.

It is my dearest wish that against this backdrop, Prince’s Trust Australia might help to make some small but positive difference by championing Australian-centric responses to these challenges and opportunities, in partnership with local stakeholders.

...It is through your incredible generosity that my Prince’s Trust Australia is able to continue this important work. Together, we have a real opportunity to transform lives and to create more sustainable communities for future generations. I cannot thank you enough for all your tremendous efforts in helping us to seize this opportunity to try and make a difference to the lives of many Australians."

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