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Registrations now open for the Enterprise Accelerator programme

Calling all veterans, ADF partners and family members in business!

Register today for The King’s Trust Australia FREE, online, Enterprise Accelerator programme.

Mark your calendars for the week commencing Monday July 29th, 2024, and get ready for five action-packed days of inspiration, knowledge, and networking.

Plus, by attending just 50% of the sessions, you could win $2,500 worth of equity-free funding for your business through the Enterprise Accelerator Award.

Here's a sneak preview of our fabulous, five day schedule ...

Day 1 - Unlock the full potential of your business at our "Designing for Success" workshops!

Connect with industry mentors, collaborate with like-minded peers, and gain the tools you need to scale up your business.

Day 2 - Discover and leverage your unique strengths at our "What Makes You Special" workshops!

Learn how to articulate your unique value, connect with your target audience, and stand out from the competition.

Day 3 - Elevate your business presence at our "Raising Your Profile" workshops!

Today’s speaking schedule and workshops offer sessions tailored to help you stand out from the crowd. Industry experts will show you how to craft engaging stories, use digital marketing to your advantage, and engage effectively with your audience in meaningful ways.

Day 4 - Master the essentials of business success at our "Nuts and Bolts" workshop!

Led by experienced mentors and industry professionals, we delve into topics such as financial planning, operations management, legal considerations, and strategic growth planning.


Day 5 - Prepare for success at our "Setting Yourself Up for Success" workshop!

Learn from seasoned mentors and industry experts who will guide you through actionable steps and essential strategies for goal setting, effective planning, and building a resilient business infrastructure.

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