Enduring Design Masterclass 2022

Prince's Trust Australia partnered with the University of Queensland to facilitate a four-week Master of Architecture course this July.

Run in partnership with the University of Queensland and INTBAU Australia, the Enduring Design Masterclass is a four-week Master of Architecture course introducing students to the rich diversity of Australia’s traditional building arts. A first in Australia, the programme launched in July to provide architecture students with unique insights into how traditional knowledge can be used to build more sustainably today.

The course included a research project as well as a 2-week hands-on intensive, giving students the opportunity to learn about sustainable building methods and get their hands dirty with traditional trades, architectural drawing, and learning under expert craftspeople and Indigenous elders.

Enduring Design Masterclass student Natalee Smith from the University of Queensland said that “It’s been a once in a lifetime opportunity to get hands on experience from some of Australia’s leading people in traditional craftsmanship and traditional, sustainable design. The way to a sustainable future is through past learnings and techniques.”

Prince’s Trust Australia Executive Director, Justin Hewitt, said that “the building traditions of our past offer us a rich resource to tap into and explore. “There are tried and proven lessons from our past that we can rediscover and integrate with contemporary design and green technology, to help us build a more viable and sustainable future.” T

he Dean and Head of School of Architecture, Professor Cameron Bruhn, said “the Enduring Design Masterclass is a unique opportunity for Australian architecture students to learn about those aspects of architecture and architectural production that have stood the test of time; that have sustained our society over generations.”

Prince’s Trust Australia Project Lead, Alexander Dowthwaite, said that “Australia is privileged to possess a rich and diverse range of building traditions that can help us to build better places and communities today. The Enduring Design Masterclass aims to reconnect architecture students with these traditions and restore them to the heart of how we think about and engage with our built environment.”

Prince’s Trust Australia is excited to have delivered a successful programme, allowing the next generation of built environment professionals to reconnect with the enduring design principles that have stood the test of time and inspired the creation of buildings and places that are meaningful, resilient, and sustainable.

Enrolments for next year’s Masterclass will be open in early 2023.