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Gail is a Esperance Nyungar person living in Esperance, WA. She is also a descendant of the Mirning People (“Whale people”).  Her country stretches along the southern coast to the South Australian border.

Gail is currently the Chairperson of the Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (ETNTAC), a position she has held since the Corporation’s establishment in 2014.  In her current role as Chairperson of ETNTAC, she has worked with the Board to lead a number of native title economic development projects, including in relation to the development of freehold lands received by the Esperance Nyungar People as part of the ILUA entered into with the State Government. 

She is a passionate advocate of the need for native title holders to pursue economic development opportunities and to leverage native title outcomes to improve the social and economic well-being of the community.  "We want our children to be proud Aboriginal Australians, learning our culture and developing into future leaders," said Gail.

Gail also works with various companies across a number of industries to assist their board members and employees to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with First Nations people.  She strongly believes that cultural competency is the basis upon which Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians may engage positively in a spirit of mutual respect and reconciliation.

Director/owner – Kaata Tidje Pty Ltd | Director/owner Indiji Corp | Chair - South East Aboriginal HealthService | Chair - Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation | Member – South-west Marine Parks Advisory Committee |Member – Indigenous Landcare AdvisoryCommittee | Board Member - Remuneration and Nomination Committee Sub-Committee of ILSC Board | Board Member - The Kings Trust Australia | Board Member - Audit and Risk Committee Sub-Committee of ILSC Board


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