GFG Student Programme - Whyalla

We headed to Whyalla, SA to deliver another one of the GFG Foundation Student Programme.

In May 2022, we headed to Whyalla, South Australia to deliver another one of the GFG Foundation Student Programme's in collaboration with the GFG Foundation Global and CSIRO!

This after-school programme engages local Year 9 and 10 students in open inquiry STEM projects and life skills to benefit their local community.

We explored our #Achieve framework, looking at enterprise skills development, careers education and also the CSIRO’s flagship STEM inquiry program CREST (Creativity in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology).

In session one, we looked at the first component of Achieve 'Who I Am'. Through these activities participants were given the chance to explore and discover who they are, what they like and are good at, with identity cards and exploring job cluster identities.

Students shared these learnings with their groups and mentors, so that they can play to the strengths of each other when tackling upcoming collaborative projects.

The programme is aimed at giving young people an insight into industry via real-world experiences and STEM learning; preparing them to meet future challenges.